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Restaurant Valet Parking Services

Guests may often cite parking difficulty as a primary reason for choosing one restaurant over another. In today’s marketplace, having valet parking available for your customers can give your Restaurant a huge competitive advantage. We play a vital role in this process by creating a memorable first and last impression for every guest that comes to your restaurant. We’ve come to define this guest interaction as “The Treatment”, which our employees deliver to guests thousands of times each day, at restaurant properties throughout California.

Our Treatment starts with a warm and friendly smile. Following our core belief of the Golden Rule, we treat every customer just as we would want to be treated. Our staff sees each and every guest interaction as an opportunity to serve and create a positive lasting impression. Our Treatment creates satisfied customers who are very likely to return and also relate their positive experiences to others.

Why hire Us?

We provide a one-stop shopping array of Hospitality Services which will complement the upscale nature of your restaurant and your existing staff of professionals. Our services include:

  • Full-service valet parking
  • Parking lot leasing and management
  • Revenue sharing & validation programs
  • Employee permit & parking programs
  • Multi-restaurant co-operative agreements
  • Downtown Valet Programs
  • Consulting services

Immediate Benefits

When you hire us, our immediate contributions will be:

  • Creating a positive first and last impression for every guest, every time.
  • Providing a visually appealing package of equipment which includes custom signs, valet podium, umbrella and traffic control devices.
  • Integrating our staff into your property to create a seamless flow of service from the parking lot and front curb into your restaurant.
  • Providing extra service amenities such as umbrellas, window and auto washing, red carpets, complimentary candy mints and water, road maps and VIP programs.

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